About Kata Kiu Spring Water LTD

Kata Kiu Spring Water LTD is a registered company. It is registered in Kenya in Kajiado County, Kitengela. We sell well water locally. The company is also registered with the local government and has a trading license that allows it to engage in water trading activities.
We are currently building a water purification plant to sell Katakiu bottled water, but it is not yet operational. Our main focus is to become the largest provider of purified water in both Kenya and Africa.
Kata Kiu Spring Water Limited is also actively involved in donating free water to hospitals, schools and orphanages. We believe in the power of sharing.
Our main support is not only to sell water, but also to help disadvantaged members of society.  Kata Kiu  Water is Most ideal For drinking, cooking and social events. Our water is fully tested and certified and has met all required standards for human consumption and domestic use by WHO among other certifying and testing institutions.


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  • Giving Back to the community
  • Water Refill & Sale
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Providing Clean, Fresh and hygienic water to the community at affordable prices

Meet Kata Kiu Spring Water Limited


Susan Heinig

Susan Heinig


Susan Heinig is a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. She is a rare soul when it comes to possessing leadership qualities and attributes. Her leadership skills are exceptional and are attested by those she has worked with. With her passion to give back to her community, she founded her Kata Kiu Spring Water Company to help people in Kitengela (where enough water is not easily available). After starting the company, out of compassion, she began donating free water to local hospitals, schools and orphanages despite the difficulties the company faced.The company does not have a water truck. Therefore, we need to hire a truck to bring water to the donation destination. Her plan is to establish the Kata Kiu Foundation, which will allow her to help and reach out to more people.


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