We’re not like other Water Providers

At Kata kiu Water Limited we have always recognised the special responsibility we hold as a water provider of an essential public service. We have a duty to deliver wider benefits to society, above and beyond the provision of hygienic, clean water.

Our Pledge

We pride ourselves in the service and products we deliver to our customers and the standards we have set for the industry.

Water is Essential to Life

We have undertaken all Necessary precautions and processes and achieved the acceptable standards to ensure that you drink the best affordable, fresh, clean and refreshing water in the market.

Delivery Service

Bottled and packaged at the source, it is just simple and easy. Enjoy affordable fresh and great tasting bottled water

How We Can Support

Borehole size in Metres

Water Donations Done in CUBIC METERS

Kata Kiuspring Water LTD provides prompt, reliable and personal service. We become familiar with all of our customers accounts so when you start service with us you will be assigned to a customer service representative as your main contact. Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t believe that you should be required to sign a long-term contract in order to enjoy our service. We feel that the quality of our water and service helps to set us apart from our competition.

Find comfort in your own home.

When you dial Kata Kiu spring Water LTD on (+254) 707975131 your call will be answered by a customer service representative who is knowledgeable about delivery schedule.

We’re convinced, that any good service simply must be also an affordable service. That is why we always keep our pricing at bay.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

“To manage our natural water resources for the common benefit of humaity by ensuring quality and stability in the sustained use by everyone

– Mission

“To become a worlclass respected brand through demonstrated knowledge of our product quality and service.{b511e8a8ad7849bdbdae4b80276a520fd6f1948989d43adbab0bbb136bbfdc05}22

– Vision

“- Service - Integrity - Innovation and Creativity - Teamwork - Growthus.{b511e8a8ad7849bdbdae4b80276a520fd6f1948989d43adbab0bbb136bbfdc05}22

– Core Values

Our vision, mission, core values, and goals provide the foundation for our organization. These critical elements describe who we are, what we want to achieve, and what will guide our approach to business on a daily basis. The Agency Strategic Plan is intended to provide the framework to incorporate these concepts into specific programs and projects